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Eucalyptus Jasmine Bath

Eucalyptus Jasmine Bath

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Relax and detox your mind, body and soul with our bath blends. Eucalyptus aides in releasing negative energies, clears mental stress and purifies your energy. Jasmine is associated with love, sensuality and beauty. It also represents appreciation, good luck and purity. Blended together they evoke passion, aiding in the attraction of positive energy and the love you desire. Each Eucalyptus bath blend is infused with the power of an Amethyst Crystal.  Amethyst carry calm and serene energy that will aide in relaxing and unwinding. It also detoxifies the body, reduces stress, improves mental focus and sparks new ideas. 


Pour a scoop full of bath blend or satin pouch can be placed into your bath water. Soak as long as you desire. 

Organic Ingredients:

-Essential oils 
-Epsom Salt

Please note that when draining tubs the flower debris can potentially clog drains. Be sure to remove all debris prior to draining tubs . 

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