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Lavender Rose Bath

Lavender Rose Bath

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Relax and detox your mind, body and soul with our bath blends.  Lavender is a naturally antiseptic herb that calms the mind, helping you relax. It can help with muscle aches and promote a good night's sleep. Rose contains high amounts of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. Lavender is symbolic for purity, silence, serenity, grace and calmness. Jasmine is associated with love, sensuality, and beauty. It also represents appreciation, good luck and prosperity. Blended together and infused with the power of a rose quartz crystal this blend will purify your aura, balance and protect your energy. 


Pour a scoop full of bath blend or satin pouch can be placed into your bath water. Soak as long as you desire. 

Organic Ingredients:

-Red Rose Petals
-Whole Lavender Flowers
-Essential oils 
-Hand Ground Oats
-Epsom Salt
-Pink Himalayan Salt


Please note that when draining tubs the flower debris can potentially clog drains. Be sure to remove all debris prior to draining tubs . 

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